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iSource Design is a Web Design Business located in Winkler Manitoba Canada. We provide custom web design, maintenance and updates to your current website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and installing and setting up Content Management Systems so you or someone in your office could update your own website.


"We have worked with iSource Design for the past few years to build and maintain our website. John from iSource Design is a great communicator because he listens closely to our requests, asks questions to make sure we're on the same page, and always completes our projects on time. iSource Design is easy to work with, professional and responsive to our needs. They do great work, and we appreciate the technical support they provide!"

Linda, non-profit organization

"iSource Design has been an incredible asset to my photography business. John is personable and easy to talk to and takes my ideas and makes them a reality. The speed at which he works is astounding and I've never had to wait very long to have changes made to my website"

Karl, OuttaFocus

"When I was investigating a company to develop my website for my new travel business I was recommended to have John at iSource Design develop the site. Wow, his work has gone beyond my expectations! He is great at customer service and support, and listens to my suggestions as he develops and maintains our website. John answers all my questions in a timely and professional manner and custom designs each page while paying attention to detail in order for the website to communicate our companies goals. I would highly recommend iSource Design!"

Kevin, Mosaic North Africa

Backup Your Mac

If you already do local backups on a regular basis, then adding Offsite/Cloud Backup gives you a second tier of protection. The second tier of protection is a good defense against theft and regional disaster such as fire and flooding. These can destroy your local copy.

If you've been searching for Cloud/Online Backup with the simplicity of Apple's Time Machine, then DollyDrive is your answer.

In addition to Cloud Backup, DollyDrive also has some additional features such as Dolly Sync and Dolly Space allowing you to access your files on your desktop, iPhone and iPad. Dolly Sync can also be used for file sharing, similar to DropBox, amongst some other features.

Try DollyDrive without commitment with their 14 Day FREE Trial.

At this time DollyDrive is available for Mac and iOS devices only.

Get DollyDrive.